Up-trade to the new GERSTEL ODP 4 / ODI software!

  Time-limited offer until December 31, 2021

GERSTEL is proud to call world-wide leading houses of flavors and fragrances our customers. Our sample preparation and -introduction technologies combined with ODP technology assist scientists in getting the right answer, even for unknown and difficult odor-active compounds.

ODP 4 is the 4th generation GERSTEL ODP, developed with input from worldwide customers and expert users. The result is comfortable, safe operation and precise presentation for accurate results. The glass cone  and PTFE nasal positioning ring are easily replaced and cleaned, and can be individually assigned, helping to improve operational hygiene and personal safety.

Get the all new GERSTEL ODP 4 and trade in your ODP 2 or ODP 3!

The new Olfactory Data Interpreter (ODI) software provides time-aligned sensory evaluation of GC/MS and ODP data in a combined display with NIST search results for assured identification. New tools in the ODI include Cumulative Olfactogram presentation and Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis (AEDA) and panel data evaluation.

Let the new Olfactory Data Interpreter (ODI) software for all ODPs go to work for you!