MPS liquid on Agilent GC 7890B with 5977A MSD

MPS liquid

The MPS liquid is a highly efficient liquid autosampler for modern high-throughput GC/MS and LC/MS analysis work.

Focusing on the core tasks of an autosampler, the MPS liquid offers large sample capacity, modern intuitive software control, as well as the capability to perform key sample preparation steps such as the addition of internal standards or a derivatization reagent. The MPS helps you ensure that your laboratory offers fast, responsive and productive analyses. Last but not least, the MPS liquid helps to ensure that your results are reliable and accurate.
The MPS liquid is controlled by the proven GERSTEL MAESTRO Software in the simplest and most productive manner: By mouseclick. MAESTRO offers a maximum of flexibility without losing any of the simplicity of intuitive control: Priority samples can be added to the running sequence at any point; and sample preparation steps are added with the ease and flexibility of a truly intuitive graphical user interface using MAESTRO Preplets. The built-in context sensitive help functions make generating and setting up methods and sequences a breeze, you never have to wait for an answer or to search through manuals. Equally, out of range entries are not accepted, giving you the assurance that methods and sequence are fully operational.

MPS liquid for LC/MS analysis

The MPS liquid autosampler is compatible with all standard LC- and LC/MS systems. In addition to autosampler vials of all sizes, the MPS liquid can be configured to operate with microwell- and deepwell plates. When tray stacks are configured, the capacity can be increased to more than 1000 samples.

MPS liquid for GC (GC/MS) analysis

MPS liquid is compatible with all standard GC- and GC/MS systems and all standard GC inlets. For liquid sample introduction, the MPS liquid offers:

  • Fast injection for discrimination free analyte introduction over a wide boiling range using split/splitless inlets
  • Sandwich injection
  • Large Volume Injection (LVI)

LVI offers a really simple way to improve limits of detection based on increasing the sample volume introduced to the GC inlet. The MAESTRO Large Volume Calculator makes it easy to develop your LVI method even for very large sample volumes with difficult to use solvents.
Depending on the GC/MS system used, the autosampler can be controlled as part of the complete analysis system with one integrated method and one integrated sequence table, simply coupled with the GC/MS sequence table or totally independent of the GC/MS system.

MPS liquid performance

MPS liquid is a new member of the MPS family:
  • Dedicated liquid autosampler for GC/MS and LC/MS
  • Fast, reliable high precision technology from the new MPS robotic series
Proven MAESTRO Software Control
  • Unified control of MPS liquid and GERSTEL modules
  • Simple and reliable method generation and set up with intuitive user interface and interactive on-screen help
  • Fully integrated operation with Agilent Technologies chromatography data systems (CDS), using one method and one sequence table to operate the entire system
  • Integrated sequence table with other leading CDSs
  • Independently controlled stand-alone operation
Productive, flexible Autosampler
  • Priority samples can be inserted into the running sequence without stopping the analysis or halting the sequence
  • Modular system, easily adapted to future requirements by adding accessories
  • Operates with all standard autosampler vials as well as micro- and deepwell Plates
  • Barcode label reader for accurate sample ID
  • Reliable results thanks to optimized discrimination-free fast split/splitless injection
Liquid Sample Preparation
  • Simple addition of sample preparation steps using the intuitive MAESTRO Software
  • Identical treatment of all samples with perfect timing. Analyte derivatization or addition of a standard can be performed immediately prior to sample introduction for each sample.
Optimized tray design
  • High sample capacity with up to 156 vials per tray holder
  • High capacity: Up to three 96 well plates per tray holder
  • Flexible use of different vial sizes with up to three different trays types in every tray holder
Small foot print on the laboratory bench
  • No extra bench space required, the MPS liquid mounts completely on top of the GC/MS system
  • When mounting on an LC/MS system, the MPS liquid can in many cases be installed across the mass spectrometer
Reliable operation
  • Highest reliability provides minimal downtime. The maintenance counter makes it easy to schedule replacement of consumables
  • Full traceability of system operation history through log files
  • E-mail alert in case of problems, enabling laboratory personnel to take corrective action and deliver results on time
  • MAESTRO methods can be set up in 21CFR/11 compliance