GC/MS System with Dual Head MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) fitted with Filter Option. Automated filtration is performed immediately before the GC/MS analysis.
The 12-position MPS Filtration Tray enables automated filtration using different size syringe filters
The 98-position MPS Filtration Tray enables automated filtration overnight and on weekends using 4 mm syringe filters. One or more trays can be mounted on the MPS.


Automated Filtration using the MPS

Suspended particles and matrix material in a sample can significantly influence analysis results and system stability. Removing particulate matter from a sample or extract prior to analysis is therefore critical for many GC/MS- and LC/MS analysis methods, particularly when large series of samples must be analyzed automatically.

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) cleans up to 196 samples in a single automated sequence using a wide range of standard syringe filters. Filtration is performed in a simple and highly efficient manner as integral part of the automated sample preparation, for example combined with sample preparation steps such as dilution, derivatization, addition of standards and of course introduction of the cleaned and prepared sample to the LC/MS- or GC/MS system.

MAESTRO software operates all GERSTEL modules and system solutions in a simple, intuitive and efficient manner. All steps in the sample preparation method are set up by mouse-click. Sample preparation and analysis are performed in parallel thanks to the MAESTRO PrepAhead function for best possible productivity and system utilization. 

Benefits of the MPS Filter Option

Filtration performed as part of the overall automated sample preparation process
  • Time saving through elimination of tedious and error-prone manual steps
  • Laboratory staff is less exposed to potentially toxic solvents, improved work environment
  • Rugged operation, reliable and reproducible results, identical treatment of all samples
  • High sample throughput and best possible utilization of the analysis system through PrepAhead productivity: Filtration is performed during the ongoing analysis of the preceding sample
All common syringe filter types can be used
  • Best possible results: For every application, the right filter type can be used
  • Manual methods can be transferred directly and automated
Flexible operation, easily adapting to changing requirements
  • One or more 98-position trays for 4 mm syringe filters can be mounted onto the MPS, enabling high throughput operation overnight and during the weekend – even when analysis runs are short
  • The 12-position MPS Filtration Tray enables automated filtration using different size syringe filters for maximum flexibility since any suitable standard syringe filter type can be used
  • Filtration can be performed using open or sealed vials as per the user requirements
Filtration and GC/MS sample introduction
  • Reliable results without risk of injection needle blockage
  • Longer life expectancy of inlet liner and GC column since particulate matter is not introduced into the analysis system
  • Cost savings through a reduction in maintenance work and improved system up-time
Filtration and LC/MS sample introduction
  • Reliable results through protection of the LC column
  • Cost savings due to longer column life expectancy, a reduction in maintenance work and improved system up-time
  • Optimized system utilization using fast filtration to prepare the next sample during the ongoing LC/MS analysis