LC/MS Effluent OptimizerDynamic Load and Wash DLWMAESTRO SoftwareMPS PrepStationMatrix Elimination using dispersive SPE

Efficiency enhancement for LC & LC/MS

LC/MS Effluent Optimizer (LEO)

Using GERSTEL LEO the HPLC effluent can easily be modified to achieve optimal conditions for ionization and MS detection and to eliminate ion suppression.

Dynamic Load and Wash (DLW)

The Dynamic Load and Wash Option (DLW) for the GERSTEL MultiPurposeSampler MPS offers near zero carryover, fast injection cycles and exceptional sensitivity for LC/MS systems.

Matrix elimination

High matrix load increases the risk of ion suppression and shortens the LC column life time. To achieve best possible LC separation and lowest MS detection limits combined with maximum system stability, the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS provides multiple automated sample preparation techniques to reduce the matrix load: