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GasSamplingSystem GSS28

Efficient air sampling and analyte concentration

The Gas Sampling System 28 (GSS28) is an active sampling system based on pumped sampling of air onto as many as 28 adsorbent tubes for subsequent thermal desorption and GC/MS determination of the trapped analytes.

The GSS28 is designed to collect samples onto commercially available standard adsorbent tubes. Sampling can occur on a pre-programmed schedule or begin on-demand from a USB-connected Laptop or tablet.

The GSS28 is equipped with two flow channels, each connected to 14 adsorbent tube positions and each equipped with individual pumps, mass flow controllers as well as mass flow sensors with Flow Tamer™ Technology for reliable pulse-minimized sampling. The 28 positions are individually sealed to safeguard sample integrity and avoid uncontrolled analyte ingress from the surrounding air.

The GSS28 can be used to collect individual samples on either channel in sequence or two samples simultaneously. The flow channels can also be used for duplicate sampling at individually specified flow rates as specified in international methods. The technique is referred to as Distributed Volume Pair sampling and is helpful in enabling better quality control and linearity check.

The GSS28 is housed in a rugged field-portable Hardigg case and weighs approximately 9 kg including the removable, reusable manifold.

GERSTEL GSS28 Features

Parallel sampling onto two adsorbent tubes
  • Sample volumes can be specified independently for each channel
  • Sampling flow can be set independently for each channel
  • Duplicate samples or Distributed Volume Pairs can be collected
  • Simple and easy way to obtain samples and back-up samples simultaneously
Flexible operation
  • Compatible with standard adsorbent tubes for thermal desorption
  • Sampling using a programmed sequence or manual operation
  • Two independent flow channels with separate integrated pumps
  • Constant flow sampling or intermittent sampling 
  • Programmed cascade sampling
  • Low flow sampling for time weighted average (TWA) operation
  • Battery operation for independent and flexible field sampling 
  • Rugged Hardigg case housing ideal for field operation
Reliable and accurate sampling
  • Separate Mass Flow Controller for each channel
  • Separate Mass flow sensor with Flow Tamer™ Technology on each channel minimizes pressure pulses during sampling 
  • 5 μm sample inlet filter for best possible system uptime and reliability
  • Reliable and accurate sampling for accurate results
Full documentation and traceability
  • Sampler records and stores start and stop times, sample duration, average flow rate and total collected volume for each collection event
  • Integration of meteorological measurements (optional)
  • Data retrievable via USB interface.