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Enhancing Productivity and Performance

GERSTEL offers a range of possibilities for enhancing the performance of your GC analysis and extracting the maximum amount of information from the data you produce.


Multi-Dimensional GC (MD-GC)

Performing analysis of complex samples can be time consuming. More than one GC run on different columns may be needed to separate coeluting compounds. The GERSTEL Multi-Column Switching (MCS) system and Cryo Trap Enrichment (CTE) system dramatically enhance the separation efficiency of your GC or GC/MS system without adding significantly to the analysis time. Using heart-cutting or 2D GC you can easily find significant minor peaks underneath an interfering forest of background or matrix peaks. MD GC also makes it simple to operate a GC/MSD system with an Olfactory Detection Port (ODP) or a Preparative Fraction Collector (PFC).

Perfectly Synchronized Sample Prep and Analysis Improves Efficiency and Throughput

Perfect synchronization is essential, when performing sample preparation and chromatographic analysis in parallel for optimized productivity. The GERSTEL MAESTRO Software helps analysts find the fastest route to the results. Samples are prepared just-in-time for introduction to the GC/MS or LC/MS system when it becomes ready for the next run. The complete process can be viewed using the graphical Scheduler to aid laboratory workflow planning. The analyst can monitor important details while viewing the whole picture.

GERSTEL Selectable 1D/2D-GC/MS System

The patented GERSTEL Selectable 1D/2D-GC/MS System performs routine single dimensional GC/MS analysis and, with the click of a mouse, can be switched to perform two-dimensional separation when needed for more complex matrices. Interesting sections of the chromatogram can be collected and concentrated from multiple runs to isolate trace compounds, for example for trouble shooting when off-odors are detected in a product. All this is performed with just one GC/MS system under integrated software control.

Ion Signature Deconvolution Software

Complex mixtures are often not completely separated in a single GC run. The IST Deconvolution Software identifies and quantifies coeluting compounds based on their mass spectrum and the peak profile.


GERSTEL GRAPHPACK technology provides leak-free, low dead volume, inert connections quickly and reliably for any type of connection used for gas chromatography.